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Premier Property Inspections Provide
  • The most detailed computer-generated report in the nation, protecting you from unwanted liability issues that might arise from non-disclosures. This reporting system provides protection not available in any other report.

  • Specific detailed information on property conditions enabling the real estate buyer to make a more informed buying decision.

  • Easy to read format that quickly identifies any areas of concerned the repairs that might be necessary.

  • The right inspector with the most complete inspection and reporting system available. Don't be caught with a report that you don't understand and can't read. Let our pictures and reporting system help guide your next real estate transaction.


List of Services

  1.   Existing Re-sale Home Inspections

  • Seller pre-listing inspection.

  • Buyer inspections.

  • Home warranty inspections

  2.  New Home Inspections

  • Final walk-through inspections

  • Periodic inspections

  • Eleventh-month warranty walk through inspections

   3.  Annual Maintenance Inspections.

   4.  Service Area

       (see detailed explanation for each item below)


Existing Homes and Buildings

Sellers:  What a powerful marketing tool to be able to advertise your property with the label, "Pre-Inspected." Many of today's sales contracts are subject to a full property inspection. A thorough property inspection by Premier Property Inspections will reveal possible problems in advance and can reduce the anxiety and expenses incurred by last minute repairs. Include a report by Premier Property Inspections in your with your marketing presentation.


Buyers:  The Buyer deserves to be informed about the condition of a property in order to assist their decision making process. Our thorough inspection of the interior and exterior condition and the major components of a home or building will provide the buyer with the information needed to make a informed purchase decision. We communicate this information through digital photography and a comprehensive computer generated reporting system.


Real Estate Brokers:  To facilitate a smooth real estate transaction, it just makes good business sense to recommend a property inspection to your clients in order to reduce the risk for all parties involved. Current disclosure and representation guidelines mandate a detailed disclosure report on all property conditions.


Home Warranty Inspections: We do warranty inspections for home warranty companies. The home warranty company will order the appropriat inspection for your home.

New Homes

Buying a new home is likely the largest purchase decision that you will make. There are many good reasons to have a new home inspection performed.


Building your new home is an extremely complex endeavor. It involves numerous contractors and subcontractors with various skill levels all working on different parts of the structure.


Final Walk Through Inspection - A professional final walk through home inspection by Premier Property Inspections will substantially reduce the risk involved in your investment. For a relatively small cost, a professional inspection of your new home can pay big dividends in peace of mind and in getting problems identified and corrected before they become an unpleasant surprise.


Periodic Inspections - If you are having your house built Premier Property Inspections can perform periodic inspections at different phases as the home is being built.  A couple of examples would be after the framing of the home is complete and when the rough electrical is complete. At Premier Property Inspections our focus is customer satisfaction.


Eleventh month builder warranty inspections - We will do the final walk through with you and do an complete home inspection to note any deficiencies prior to your one year builder warranty expiration. This will give you a comprehensive inspection and list to give to your builder so that they can correct any areas of deficiency.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Premier Property Inspection will do an annual maintenance inspection of your home. We will note any items that need to be replaced or repaired before they can cause damage to your home. This inspection can be in the fall in preparation for winter, or in the spring getting your home ready for the summer season.

Service Area

Our service area is the Colorado Front Range





Greeley / Evans                                


Fort Collins                                             




Red Feather Lakes                      




If your property is located in the mountains or the Eastern Plains, please contact us for service availability and additional trip fees




Frederick / Decono








Fort Lupton




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